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Costa del Mar 580G vs 580P

I question we get all the time is what is the difference between 580G and 580P? The answer is simple, that ‘G’ in 580G stands for Glass, one benefits of choosing glass is that you will get the most clarity from this material, also the Costa Glass has the added benefit of being scratch-resistant and very durable in tough environments, also the Costa 580G lenses are lighter and thinner than most polarized glasses out there, something you instantly notice.

The Costa del Mar 580P on the other hand, that P stands for Polycarbonate and not for polarized contrary to popular assumption. But don't be discouraged because ALL Costa del Mar Sunglasses are 100% Polarized and offer best in class polarization technology. Some of the benefits of the 580P Polarized lenses are first the superb impact resistant technology, these lenses are made from some of the most durable materials in the industry. Also, a new technology called c-wall which is a molecular bond that is engineered to be scratch resistant.

So all that being said, what do you choose? honestly the difference is not huge, usually, our customers prefer the 580G because of that clarity, some people get dizziness or headaches with plastic lenses and need a thin glass to avoid these issues. If you are unsure go with the 580G, however, if you are able to wear Polycarbonate lenses without any issues and need extra impact and scratch resistance go with the 580p for durability and to get a better price. If you have any questions we are here to help!

  • Jun 10, 2019
  • Category: News
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